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Jiayuguan Great Wall

Jiayuguan Pass (Jiayuguan in Chinese) represents the western starting point of a section of the Great Wall, is one of the most famous three passes. Located about six kilometers (four miles) southwest of Jiangyuguan City in Gansu Province, it was constructed during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The pass covers an area of 33,500 square meters (eight acres) and lies at the base of a narrow valley, and takes its name from one of the surrounding hills, the Jiayu. Commonly referred to as the finest example of its kind on earth, the pass is the best preserved of the Great Wall's ancient military fortresses.
The Jiayuguan Pass is constructed in three concentric layers: the central area is made up of an inner city, containing the largest of the pass' buildings; an outer city section, surrounded by a large wall dotted with watchtowers, turrets, and high-terrace pavilions; and finally, for purposes of defense, a moat. All of these features combined to make it a daunting prospect for any would-be attackers. There are also a number of historical sites to be found in the Jiayuguan Pass region. These include the Overhanging Great Wall in the north and the First Frusta in the south. Some guide information about Jiayuguan Pass: Admission fee: CNY101 Peak season; CNY61 Dull season Opening hours: 08:30-20:00(During the summer and autumn); 08:30-18:00(during winter and spring)

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