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Three Gorges Travel Guide

Many guidebooks about the Three Gorges will tell you there are many things to do during the cruise and many things to see along the way. The Three Gorges is one of the most beautiful sceneries in China. It is over 190 kilometers long and runs from western Baidicheng in Sichuan Province to Nanjinguan in Yichang city in Hubei. Each one of the three gorges differs in scenery. Qutang Gorge is craggy and straight and runs 8 kilometers from Baidicheng to Daixi. The gorge is only several dozen meters wide and has many vertical cliffs. Wu Gorge is very deep and peaceful and runs 40 kilometers from the Daning River to Guandukou. There are several beautiful peaks with lush vegetation and many mountain ranges. Xiling Gorge has rapid currents and runs 75 kilometers from Xiangxikou to Nanjinguan. The gorge here has very dangerous shoals and hidden reefs along with high mountain tops. A large amount of artifacts have recently been unearthed giving us a better understanding of this ancient culture. To date 2830 ancient graves have been discovered in the Three Gorges area. May we invite you to have a view of the following attraction guide to know more things to do in Three Gorges.

Three Gorges Attraction Guide – Things To Do in Three Gorges

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