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Shanghai Tour attracts tourists from all over the world, who enjoy the sightseeing and shopping as well as professionals who come to its thriving business centre. Shanghai, called "Hu" or "Shen" for short in Chinese and located in the middle of China's east coastline, is renowned as the "Oriental Paris" and "Pearl of China." It is truly an international metropolis-it is not only the regular host of international TV, film and art festivals, but also the destination for world-class musicians and artists alike. Shanghai is also the largest economic and trade center in China. The charm of Shanghai lies in the seamless mix of modern and traditional, east and west. Its architecture, amusements, cuisine, and culture are very distinctive when compared with other cities around the world. We kindly provide various Shanghai tours to show you different aspects of this modern city.

Shanghai Highlight Day Tour

Shanghai Half Day Tour

Shanghai Half Day TourCode:CT638From:USD40

Tour Features:- This Shanhai half-day tour is suitable for Shanghai is thought by many to be China’s most prosperous city ..

Shanghai Highlight Day Tour

Shanghai Highlight Day TourCode:CT635From:USD50

Tour Features:- Shanghai 1-Day Tour will lead you to discover the highlights of this modern metroplis. A fast, modern metr..

Shanghai Popular Tour

Shanghai Popular TourCode:CT633From:USD110

Tour Features:- Shanghai Tour for 2 days is very popular and is the standard tour for Shanghai city sightseeing. Shanghai,..

Shanghai Suzhou Day Tour

Shanghai Suzhou Day TourCode:CT630From:USD65

Tour Features:- This Shanghai Suzhou Tour will offer you an excursion to an elegant city Suzhou for a day. The beautiful c..

Shanghai Wuzhen Watertown Tour

Shanghai Wuzhen Watertown TourCode:CT628From:USD65

Tour Features:- Wuzhen has kept many of its old traditions alive. In addition to the flower-drum opera, shadow-puppet show..

Zhouzhuang Watertown Tour

Zhouzhuang Watertown TourCode:CT627From:USD65

Tour Features:- Zhouzhuang Tour to one of Chinese best preserved water towns, is the perfect one day interlude during you ..

Shanghai Nanjing Tour 2 Days

Shanghai Nanjing Tour 2 DaysCode:CT626From:USD110

Tour Features:- Shanghai Nanjing Tour will bring you from modern to ancient. Nanjing, one of the seven ancient capitals of..

Shanghai Hangzhou Tour

Shanghai Hangzhou TourCode:CT623From:USD80

Tour Features:- Shanghai Hangzhou Tour will take you to is a city favored by the great Nature. After visiting the modern S..

Shanghai Wuxi Tour

Shanghai Wuxi TourCode:CT620From:USD60

Tour Features:- This Wuxi Extension Tour starts from Shanghai and bring you to a beautiful city famous for the scenery of ..

Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Tour

Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou TourCode:CT618From:USD210

Tour Features:- Shanghai Suzhou and Hangzhou Tour offers the opportunity for you to explore the most famous three cities i..

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Question:I have only one day in Shanghai after my conference. Are there any guided bus tours that drive around pointing out landmarks? I am looking for a bus overview tour that would help me get familiar with Shanghai within one day? Any recommendations?

Answer:Hi, this is Monica from ItourBeijing.There’re such tours in our Shanghai City Tours column. You can book the tour as you like whether you want a personal guide with driver to bring only yourr group alone or you would prefer to join with other tourists as well.