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Guilin Tours take you to enjoy "the finest scenery under heaven". A Chinese saying goes that Guilin’s landscape is second to none. Guilin, covers a total area of 4195 square kilometers and has a population of 1.2 million, located in the northeastern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Visitors are deeply impressed by its dream-like sceneries. Famous for its wonderful scenery, rivers and karst peaks covered in lush greenery, Guilin has a long history as one of the most beautiful places in China. The most popular trip is the 83km Li River cruise form Guilin to Yangshuo, definitely not to be missed! The magnificent Longji Rice Terraces in the minority mountain area of Longsheng has never failed to amaze its visitors.

Guilin Highlight Day Tour

Guilin Classic Tour

Guilin Classic TourCode:CT280From:USD230

Tour Features:- Guilin Classic Tour is the most popular itinerary which will show you the essence of Guilin. In China ther..

Guilin Highlight Tour

Guilin Highlight Tour Code:CT279From:USD50

Tour Features:- Guilin One Day Highlight Tour shows you the best this picturesque city has to offer. Guilin, famed as "the..

Li River One Day Tour

Li River One Day Tour Code:CT278From:USD80

Tour Features:- Li River Day Tour is themed to offer you a trip by Li River Cruise to Yangshuo town. It is just like a lus..

Guilin Night Cruise Tour

Guilin Night Cruise TourCode:CT277From:USD35

Tour Features:- The evening cruise goes down 2 rivers and 4 lakes in the downtown area of Guilin. The cruise ship itself b..

Guilin Essence Tour

Guilin Essence TourCode:CT275From:USD320

Tour Features:- This Guilin 4 Days Tour package explores the beautiful scenery along the fabulous Li River as well as the ..

Longji Terrace Day Tour

Longji Terrace Day TourCode:CT274From:USD50

Tour Features:- During the tour, the scenic spots include: First started in the Yuan Dynasty and completely finished in th..

Guilin Luxury Tour

Guilin Luxury TourCode:CT273From:USD340

Tour Features:- Guilin Luxury Tour enclosed the most featured scenic spots in Guilin to give you a luxury enjoyment in thi..

Guilin Hiking Tour

Guilin Hiking TourCode:CT272 From:USD490

Tour Features:- The 5-day hiking tour will not only allow visitors to enjoy the splendid scenery of the Li River and the b..

Yulong River Biking & Hiking Tour

Yulong River Biking & Hiking TourCode:CT271From:USD20

Tour Features:- This Biking and Hiking Tour is offered to give you a special experience along Yulong River. Yulong River i..

Guilin Cave & Waterfall Day Tour

Guilin Cave & Waterfall Day TourCode:CT270From:USD55

Tour Features:- The tour’s scenic spots include: Boosting a giant subterranean river system and magnificent scenic views, ..

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Question:we are two people want to have a tour to Guilin on 10 Apr. We want to take Typical Guilin Tour. But I dont know if 4 days or 5 days is enough, can you recommend? Please send me cost and itinerary.

Answer:4-5 days are enough for a typical Guilin tour which will show you what the city should offer. Guilin is famous for its natural beauty which is just like Chinese paintings and Li River Cruise. We add up all the highlights in the tour itinerary and please check the mail with quotation.