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China Travel GuideChina Travel Guide is an online guide book in which you can find almost everything you need to know about China travel. China, as a country with a long history and ancient civilization, is endlessly appealing to adventurous visitors. A wide variety of terrain and climate have shaped its numerous natural attractions, sightseeing and historical wonders for the enthusiastic travelers who want to discover the true beauty of China. In order to enjoy your travel plans in China, we are honored to introduce you this wonderful travel destination to you. These pages of China Travel Guide will assist you in exploring the mysterious China by offering you rich and methotic China travel guide and information.

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Question:We are starting to plan a travel to China in the spring of 2011 for around 15 days. You are referred to us by the Morris’ who used your travel service in a group to China for 12 days last year. Well, our desired destinations are Bejing, Xian, Yangtze cruise and Shanghai. Different from them, we are independent travellers, so please provide private travel service. Thank you for your time.

Answer:Hello, the Morris’ family travelled with our group last year and did have a great time in China. As an professional travel company, we are honored to offer exellent travel service to you. In order to make a costomized travel plan for you, we need to know more details such as how many people you are coming, how long will you spend in China… Enclosed in the email is an initial itinerary for your reference. Welcome to book you China travel with us anytime!

Question:Will travel in China this Oct. Have been reading many guide books that tell things about China. Can you advise any good travel agency in China can provide good services? By the way, your travel guide info on this page is very useful. Thanks.

Answer:Oct. is the best time to travel in China and hope you will have a good time here. We are an professional online travel agency who can offer excellent service for you. Read more travel guides and products and we are glad to help you arrange your trip!