Li River

The Li River, or Lijiang River, runs through the city of Guilin in the Autonomous Region of Guangxi Zhuang. It is famous for its beauty, with the lush green mountains, fantastically shaped rocks, fragrant waters and lakes and mysterious and enchanting grottoes. The Lijiang River has been praised for centuries for its beauty in Chinese culture, including a poem by Hanyu. One of the best ways to view the wonders of the river is by boat, navigating amongst towering peaks, waterfalls and rocks. Traveling along the river, a tourist can view many deep pool or dangerous shoals.
The area surrounding the Lijiang River holds as many wonders as the banks of the river themselves, famed for the spectacular mountains, with Luohan, Chaoban, Wuzhi and Luosi Mountains rising from the waters. There are also cliffs visible from the river, such as the Picture Cliff, a natural formation that gives the impression of a picture when the light falls on it. The Li River is a top tourist attraction home and abroad. Here is some guide information of Li River: Location: Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.  Admission Fee: RMB210/Person  Opening hours: 08:30-21:30  Contact Number: +86 10 85968802

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Question:I heard the best way to visit Li River is by cruise, right? Also, there is a short way by raft and you can enjoy the elite part of Li River. Which way is better?

Answer:Regarding the Li River Cruise, it depends on your interests. The Li River boat trip takes about 4 hours, but leisure and with lunch. You can enjoy the whole Li River on that cruise. The rafting travelling the highlights of Li River, which takes about 90 minutes. But the time and safty is what you should concern before you choose this way. So I recommend the Li River Cruise.