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We kindly suggest that Guilin would be a good choice for your golf tour in China. With the living standards rising in Guilin, more golf courses have been established. Golfing in exotic countries have become more and more popular worldwide. In China, golf has become a fashion in recent years attracting people taking part in. The city of Guilin boasts the most beautiful landscape scenery in China and it's one of the best cities to spend a leisure vacation. If you happen to plan visiting Guangxi province, let's explore the possibilities of a golf tour package in the limestone mountains or playing golf in Guilin. Since playing golf is very cheap in Guilin, it attracts many foreigners who come to enjoy the game. Guilin is a city with the most beautiful scenery and views in China. It also offers spectacular games of golf amidst its renowned landscape. With the growing interest in golf, more and more golf course are build. It is one of the most promising activities in Guilin and can provide a positive influence to the economy of the city. The golf courses in Guilin, all with the international standard and management, are constructed beside the mountains, rivers and lakes and make a great harmony with the environment. However, it’s even better to combine playing golf with sightseeing tours. In fact, many golf courses are located not far away from famous scenic spots, so it's very convenient for you to enjoy both.

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Trip Highlights- Guilin Golf Packages gives visitors the chance to golf the day away in beautifully designed courses. The city of Gui...

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