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With the living standards rising in Sanya, more golf courses have been built, and because playing golf is very cheap in Sanya, it attracts many foreigners who come to enjoy the game. However, it’s even better to combine playing golf with sightseeing tours. In fact, many golf courses are located not far away from famous scenic spots, so it's very convenient for you to enjoy both. Nowadays, playing golf has become one of the promising activities besides the tourism in this area and attracts more and more people to come to enjoy the golf courses here. Beautiful blue skies, crystal clear waters and swaying palm trees set the stage for the perfect round of golf. There are already a dozen high-quality golf courses on Sanya, Hainan Island and more will soon debut. The golf clubs in Sanya are constructed with the international standard and full of the tropical plants. It will be a exciting and memorable experience to play golf in Sanya. We kindly provide a list of the most famous golf clubs in Sanya as well as specially-designed Sanya golf tour packages. If none of these tour can meet your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us to customize your own golf tour!

Sanya Golf Tours

Sanya Hainan Golf Tour 5 DaysCode:GT589From:USD870

Trip Highlights- Golf has become a popular leisure activity and more and more people are taking part. Sanya is a city in the south of...

Sanya Golf Clubs

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