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Many golf clubs and courses have been built in Shenzhen with the living standards rising there. Shenzhen is the heaven for young people with all its fast development and non-stop energy. Since playing golf is very cheap in Shenzhen, it attracts many domestic and foreign golfers who come to enjoy the golf game. Obviously to see that golf tours have become a fashion in this city, especially for those middle classes. However, it's even better to combine playing golf with sightseeing tours. In fact, many golf courses are located not far away from famous scenic spots, so it's very convenient for you to enjoy both sightseeing and golf tours in Shenzhen. There are many golf clubs in Shenzhen, such as Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen Noble Merchant Golf Club, Shenzhen Tycoon Golf Club, etc. The one you cannot miss is the world-renowned Mission Hills Golf Club if you want play golf in Shenzhen. We kindly arrange you Shenzhen golf tour packages with tailor-made itinerary and competitive prices. If you find the Shenzhen golf tours on this page fail to meet what you expect, you can contact our tour advisors to organize you a customized golf tour. If you want to take a tour in Shenzhen, the golf tour experience will be a must for you.

Shenzhen Golf Tours

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Trip Highlights- Shenzhen is one of the thriving multi-national cities in China and attracts many foreigners come and live there. It'...

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