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Lijiang Tours will take you to the old town full of cobbled streets and crisscrossing canals, flowing with water, swaying willows and gaily-hued blossoms. Lijiang, situated in the northwest plateau in Yunnan, covers a total area of 7,648 square kilometers and surrounded by tree-covered mountains and crystal clear waters. Lijiang is also home to the Naxi ethnic minority group, who are descendants of Tibetan tribes. Lijiang Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The old town of Lijiang differs from other ancient Chinese cities in architecture, history and the culture of its traditional residents, the Naxi people. Now it is a famous resort for tourists to retreat from the hustle and bustle realities. Lijiang Tour will offer you the best Lijiang tours.

Lijiang Highlight Day Tour

Lijiang 3-Day Essence Tour

Lijiang 3-Day Essence TourCode:CT1079From:USD220

Tour Features:- Lijiang 3-Day Essence Tour offers you the best of Lijiang Old Town. This tour will take you to experience ..

Lijiang 4-Day Exploration Tour

Lijiang 4-Day Exploration TourCode:CT1077From:USD280

Tour Features:- The Lijiang tour package offers a exploration trip during which you visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger..

Lijiang One Day Highlight Tour

Lijiang One Day Highlight TourCode:CT1075From:USD55

Tour Features:- Lijiang Highlight Tour embodies the beauty of this old town within one day. Lijiang is an old city with go..

6-Day Colorful Yunnan Tour

6-Day Colorful Yunnan TourCode:CT1070From:USD550

Tour Features:- This tour will lead you to Kunming, Lijiang and Dali - the most beautiful cities in Yunnan Province. Yunna..

8-Day Yunnan Discovery Tour

8-Day Yunnan Discovery TourCode:CT1069From:USD1000

Tour Features:- This Yunnan tour will lead you to the stunning snowcapped mountain, spectacular karst topography, ancient ..

China Tour Packages Including Lijiang

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Question:We want to book a one-day tour of Lijiang on Oct. 23, 2010. We would like to visit the snow-covered Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, White Water River and Baisha village and old town. Will we have the chance to see Baisha minorities dancing? Can you provide a tour guide, car and driver? There will be three of us. How much will this cost?

Answer:We can provide the one day Lijiang tour on Oct. 23rd for you. I have made an itinerary for you. Please check! I advise you to visit the Show of Lijiang Impression, because it is a famous show in Lijiang and directed by the famous Chinese Zhang Yimou, who directed the Beijing Olympic Game in Aug. this year. So you can enjoy the beautiful and magnificent show in Guilin.