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East King Cruise Introduction

East King Cruise, as one of the luxurious ships on the Yangtze River, is China's very first five-star deluxe cruise ship. The "East King" is newly built in 1994 and 1995 in the tradition of world-renowned ship builders from Finland, widely recognized as one of the best medium speed engines in the world, as well as a sophisticated navigation and satellite communications system, supplied by the Japanese firm, FUR UNO and the Norwegian firm EB, respectively. Specially designed to American specifications for the utmost in comfort and safety. Two separate and distinct double hulls, nestled together below deck, ensure safe passage through rocky shoals. Many well-known persons such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Henry Alfred Kissinger, and Rockefeller Family had a wonderful cruise and highly praised their excellent services. With luxurious interiors imported straight from America and Europe and a Danish "Hi-Pres" central air-conditioning system, the East King is sure to provide guests with an international standard of comfort and service unmatched on the Yangtze River. On-board activities include movies, Tai Chi classes, cooking classes, Chinese calligraphy lectures, theme lectures on Chinese family and culture, Mah-jong, Bingo, chess games and a festive Chinese wedding night. Recreation and entertainment facilities which include popular Valentino's Nightclub where travelers can sing or dance the night away, game rooms, cafes and restaurants. Superior technology combined with excellent hotel service has earned the "East King" the coveted reputation of "Best Cruise ship on the Yangtze River".
Itinerary of East King Cruise(B-Buffet Breakfast,L-Lunch,D-Dinner) 
Downstream 4 days/3 nights(From Chongqing-Yichang) Meals
D1 22:00
The cruise ship set sail from Chongqing City
D2 14:00-17:00
Shore excursion to the Ghost City of Fengdu
Shore excursion to the Wanxian (Optional)
D3 06:40-07:00
Passing through Qutang Gorge
Passing Wu Gorge
Shore excursion to the Shennong Stream
Passing Xiling Gorge
Sail through 5-stage shiplock
D4 08:00-10:00
Three Gorges Dam Project - Shore Excursion
Disembarkation at Yichang City
Upstream 5 days/4 nights(From Yichang-Chongqing) Meals
D1 22:00
Embarkation at Yichang (Dinner is not included)
D2 07:00
Set sail
Pass through Xiling Gorge
Shore Excursion Three Gorges Dam Project
Pass through Three Gorges Dam 5-stage Shiplocks
D3 07:00-08:00
Three Gorges Dam 5-stage Shiplocks
Boat excursion to Shennong Stream
Wu Gorge
Qutang Gorge
D4 08:00-10:00
Shibaozhai - Shore excursion (Or Wanxian)
D5 09:00
Arrive Chongqing Port and disembark the cruise.
Tour Prices (Based on double occupancy and shown in US dollars)
Season Downstream Upstream Tranfers Hotel/Dock/Airport
·For child younger than 11 who share one room with parents, the quotation is only 75% of the above price.
·For 10 persons up, please email us for new quotations.